Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find common questions we’ve come across over the years in relation to our foundation, events, and where donation money goes.

Foundation Questions

Where does my donation go?

Donations support our ongoing projects. We do this in a few different ways: We donate money through non-profit organizations already doing great work in the community (the Alzheimer’s Association’s local programming and support groups). When we see a need we work to create a program to fill the niche (see The Lunch Break program for caregivers). We partner with existing foundations (The Christ Hospital Foundation) to spend funds responsibly where it matters most: on individuals locally. In the future look for us to support local writing or art groups for caregivers, education efforts and keep in touch as we launch a storytelling project here in Cincinnati to retell some of the stories that inspired all of this. We are small, responsible, passionate and nimble and always looking for new ways to improve the lives of older adults here in Cincinnati. Rest assured all funds are donated through 501c3 organizations. 

Why do you prioritize events?

While our focus is older adult health and advocating for its improvement here locally, we realize one of the best ways to bring people together around a cause and inspire conversations, that ultimately lead to solutions and change, is to host an amazing party!  

Why does this foundation exist?
Read our story here on the about page. We are here because we care about older adult health. One of the biggest issues facing our Cincinnati area seniors is Alzheimer’s and Dementia and we are here to do something about it! While amazing organizations are all working on this issue from different angles we believe that by building unique events in conjunction with advocacy and education efforts we can do something new. We believe inspiring conversations can inspire solutions so we create these events to bring together people from around the city and from every age group. We also believe older adults need health advocates in today’s healthcare system. We believe education is how we fight problems. Above all we believe in telling the unique stories of older adults and amplifying their voices when those voices have been stolen by disease, poverty or isolation.


Why should I donate to your organization?

When you donate to Giving Voice you are donating to a passionate group working to change individual lives here in Cincinnati. We won’t be sending your money to a national office, we will not be spending thousands of dollars on administrative overhead and while research plays an important part in changing health outcomes we feel called to focus on those patients feeling the effects of disease now. We spend funds locally to impact to individuals, here, today. We believe in the unique kindness of the Cincinnati community and want to work to bring that together in a cohesive way for our older adults – especially those struggling with Alzheimer’s – and their caregivers.

We do not duplicate the great work already being done because we partner with the organizations doing that work, but we are small and nimble enough to create new programs when we see a need. It’s our passion and the ability to create conversation that unites us. Donations to our foundation are all administered through local 501c3 non-profit organizations.  

Event Questions

What events do you host?

Mimosas for Memories each April.   Learn More

Cincy Brews for Brains each Fall.   Learn More

How do I get tickets to an event?

Tickets for both events go on sale 2-3 months before event day, you can be the first to know about ticket sales and deals by signing up for our newsletter at the bottom of our homepage or to the right on this page.

What happens at these events?
Conversation and connection above all else, but also fundraising, auctions, delicious food and drinks highlighting the Queen City! Learn more at the event links above. 


Who comes to these events?

Anyone and everyone – we pride ourselves on these events being cross generational and people of all ages come and enjoy the day! Whether you are affected by Alzheimer’s, have been a caregiver, or feel passionate about quality care of older adults in Cincinnati these events are for you. Oh and theres always a selection of carefully curated drinks and food to enjoy too! Come for the conversation, stay for the food! 

What happens to the funds raised at the events?
See Where does my donation go above to learn more.


About Our Events & Programs

Mimosas for Memories

Mimosas for Memories has grown to be a unique kind of fundraiser – one that’s built on conversation and connection above all else. What we aim to raise is not just money, but also a sense of connection and awareness in our community around Alzheimer’s Disease.

Brews for Brains

Enjoy an exclusive evening with Braxton Brewery at the beautifully restored Wiedemann Hill Mansion in Newport, KY. Guests enjoy local brews while connecting with those passionate about older adult health in our community.

The Lunch Break

Everyone deserves a lunch break, and whether your lunch break, and no matter what your break is we are honored to provide local caregivers with complimentary relaxation and free home care for their loved one, supported by our fundraising.

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