Cincy Senior Stories

The Giving Voice Foundation has a mission towards advocacy, education, fundraising and perhaps most importantly: sharing stories. We strive to give voice to all local Cincinnati older adults and especially those who have begun to lose their rich life stories to the tragedy of Alzheimer’s or dementia.

It has always been – and will always be – the stories of older adults that captivate us, teach us, entertain us and remind us why we must work to preserve their dignity and their history. Use this as a way to connect during these isolating times.    

Let’s tell the story of Cincinnati’s older adults one photo at a time.


How to Participate:

Are you a Cincy Senior or know someone in your family or neighborhood with a story to share? Submit a Cincy Senior’s Story by following these steps…

Step 1 – Select a Cincy Senior, there are no age requirements and this is not just for those with Alzheimer’s. Any older adult with a story to share should participate and share their voice! Then head on over to fill out our Online Submission form. 

Step 2 – The Online Submission form questions can be written directly by the Cincy Senior or by family, a friend, a neighbor and submitted. There you’ll also be asked to submit a photograph of the Cincy Senior.

Step 3 – We’ll publish a blog post on our Gallery page giving voice to each Cincy Senior. Then we’ll organize all of the submissions into a printed booklet of local Cincinnati residents and their stories for The Giving Voice Foundation constituents and other families affected by Alzheimer’s and dementia.
We hope these stories can prove to be a source of inspiration — giving voice to Cincy Seniors for years to come.

all senior stories welcome

Use Our Online Submission Form

Due to COVID-19 we understand the need to keep the vulnerable safe and believe our online Cincy Senior Stories project is the perfect way to keep their stories alive at a time when many feel isolated.

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