Lunch Break

Every caretaker deserves a lunch break.

It’s the little things that can make a big difference

Everyone deserves a lunch break, and whether your lunch break is an uninterrupted nap on the couch at home, a trip to the movies, a pedicure at the salon or lunch at a restaurant with friends, we are honored to provide local family caregivers that break. Caring for a loved one is one of the most honorable callings in life, but even those caring heroes deserve a break. These breaks are a chance for to rest, recharge and nourish the soul. Each caregiver receives a four hour break, during which time a CARES certified homecare professional from Queen City Homecare will provide four complimentary hours of safe, quality care for their loved one. During the break, caregivers enjoy a complimentary activity such as a trip to the spa, movies, lunch out with friends or another local activity.

Where is Lunch Break Offered?

The Lunch Break is offered at The Christ Hospital Health & Aging Center and other local partner facilities with plans for future expansion in the area.

$95 sponsors one 4hr patient session

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How It Works



Patients are referred by a healthcare professional at a participating office to be eligible for this service.


Contact & Schedule

Queen City Home Care reaches out to the caregiver to schedule their break at a time convenient for them.


The Break

A CARES certified home health aide arrives at the home and the family caregiver is provided with a gift for a relaxing local activity and 4 free hours of care.